A Meal and Memories

A simple meal can bring back a thousand memories.

For our patient, Selma, a Chinese food meal at home brought her back to a time when she enjoyed a weekly dinner out with her husband. At the age of 102, Selma has so many memories to share about her life, her family and the things that make her smile, and a few of her favorite dishes delivered to her at home were enough to brighten her day.

We made this meal possible through our Hospice Wish Program, which is supported by generous donors who understand the importance of quality of life, each day of life.
Selma loves her visitors from our hospice team and happily shares stories about her life, her philosophy on laughing a lot, and her wisdom on just how quickly time passes.

We were grateful to be able to bring her some joy through her Hospice Wish – though small, it had a big impact for Selma.