VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is grateful to the individuals who give of their time and expertise.

Board of Executive Leadership

David Cowan

Board Chair

Bradley Kronstat, CPA

Vice Chair

David Brown


Dr. Louise-Marie Dembry


Will Cushing, PA-C, MMSc

Aaron Hershman, Esq.

Dr. Gerard Kerins

Christian McNamara

Robert Paolucci, CFP

Sally R. Rinaldi, RN, MPH

Brian K. Sawchuk, DDS

Steven Supernaugh

Diane Vorio, RN, MSN, MS, NEA-BC

Senior Management

Janine Fay

President and CEO

John MacDonald


Robyn Westerkamp

VP, Director of Human Resources

Barbara Katz

VP, Director of Clinical Program Development

Laurie Rockwell

VP, Quality Management and Education

Michelle Blanchette, MSN

Hospice Program Director