What is Hospice?

Hospice is care focused on quality of life, not on death. We offer a holistic plan of care comprised of symptom management rather than curative treatment. We offer personal and medical care enhanced by therapies to address all needs ranging from those of the body to those of the spirit and mind. Our interdisciplinary team partners with you and your family/caregivers to create a plan of care that matches your diagnosis and provides comfort and support with dignity and respect so you can enjoy precious moments with your loved ones.

Our Hospice Care team includes registered nurses, a hospice physician, home health aides, social workers, volunteers, bereavement counselors and spiritual counselors.

Hospice care is meant for when a physician has determined an individual has a prognosis of six months or less. The time to start thinking about hospice is before you think you need it. We’re happy to meet with you and your family – as well as to include your primary care physician – to discuss what care we can provide when the time comes. This way you can feel secure and prepared if you reach the point when hospice is required. Although many equate hospice care with final days of life, it is designed to support patients and their families from the moment it is determined that a cure is no longer an option so the precious time with one another can be enjoyed.

Hospice care is not limited to cancer patients, but also meant for those living with cardiac or lung diseases, dementia or other chronic issues.

Thinking about hospice?

Hospice is available for those who have been given a prognosis of 6 months or less, but if you’re questioning if you or a loved one is truly ready, our brief questionnaire may offer some clarity.

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