Days Full of Life

Our hospice patient Ted loves looking at photos of his family. It seems like such a simple thing … something many take for granted.

For Ted, however, when he moved into an assisted living facility, suddenly that simple comfort of home – the chance to be surrounded by pictorial memories of his life – was gone. 

Our hospice program at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice  is care focused on quality of life, not on death. We offer a holistic plan of care comprised of symptom management rather than curative treatment. We offer personal and medical care enhanced by therapies to address all needs ranging from those of the body to those of the spirit and mind. Our interdisciplinary team partners with patients and families to create a plan of care that matches the diagnosis and provides comfort and support with dignity and respect so our patients can enjoy precious moments with their loved ones.

Our Hospice Care team includes registered nurses, a hospice physician, home health aides, social workers, volunteers, bereavement counselors and spiritual counselors.

While these services are covered by Medicare and other insurances, we know there are intangible things that are the key to quality of life.

One thing everyone can understand is the power of a wish and wishes fulfilled. 

We all have things we would want to experience one more time, people we would want to speak with one more time, or things we wouldn’t want to leave undone at the end of our lives. 

Although our hospice patients have, in most cases, lived full lives, there is no reason they shouldn’t continue to have quality in each and every day they still have ahead of them. We want to make their everyday wishes come true and give their families memories that will give them peace and comfort for years to come.

From a simple candlelit dinner at home on a wedding anniversary to a trip to the beach to breathe in the salt air that harkons back to youthful summer days, it is our passion to give our patients moments that matter through this donor-supported program.

For Ted, the desire was simple and small, but impactful nonetheless.

Our team arranged with Ted’s family to have boxes of photos taken out of storage and, using donations we’ve received specifically to support our Hospice Wish Program, the photos were reframed and hung up in multiple locations around his new living space.

“The smile on Ted’s face when he walked into his apartment at Saybrook at Haddam and saw the photos was priceless,” said social worker Jen McMahon. “Little things like this make a big difference. I’m so proud to have been part of this effort to bring a little extra joy into his life.”

Ted’s story is one of many evolving in the VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice Wish Program. From simple wishes, like a room filled with twinkle lights, to more complex wishes, such as a special visit to a favorite local destination, our team is endeavoring to make possible experiences that will truly make a lifetime.

We are seeking donations to our Hospice program to help support the granting of these wishes and other needs.