Summer Meal for the Soul

Food holds powerful memories; the taste, smell and texture can be extraordinary evocative, and transport people instantly to a simpler time, to a time surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones. Memories of place and settings, internal states of love and tranquility can be felt with a favorite meal.

We all have things we would want to experience one more time and for patient Robert he wanted to experience some normalcy via his tradition of lobster rolls in the summer with his wife.

Through our Hospice Wish Program, which is entirely funded by donor support, we were able to deliver lobster rolls for the couple to enjoy together one last time. The joy Robert felt was palpable and we hope this is a treasured memory that will give his wife peace and comfort for years to come. Our Hospice Care team includes registered nurses, a hospice physician, home health aides, social workers, volunteers, bereavement counselors and spiritual counselors.

Our hospice program at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice is care focused on quality of life, not on death. We offer a holistic plan of care comprised of symptom management rather than curative treatment. We offer personal and medical care enhanced by therapies to address all needs ranging from those of the body to those of the spirit and mind. Our interdisciplinary team partners with patients and families to create a plan of care that matches the diagnosis and provides comfort and support with dignity and respect so our patients can enjoy precious moments with their loved ones.

We are grateful that we were able to give some joy to Robert in his final days.