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Our Hospice Wish Program is one of the main elements of our Hospice Program that is sustained by donations. Read about some of the wishes granted through our program.

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It has been said that although we cannot change the outcome, we can affect the journey. This is never more accurate of our work at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice than it is when we embark on the journey with our hospice patients. Although we cannot change the fact that the time for curative treatment has passed, we believe we can help each person live out their days with the highest quality of life possible. We know it can be difficult to comprehend the value of what we do at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice until one has had first-hand experience, but we also know everyone can appreciate the importance of a live well lived.

While much of our funding comes from insurance reimbursements for our services, these payments keep being reduced, leaving us with significant shortfalls.

We need the support of the community now more than ever as we look to raise fundraising dollars from those grateful for our services to support the many comfort items we provide to hospice patients that are not covered by insurance, as well as to support our Hospice Wish Program that works to maximize the quality of life our patients experience during their journey with us.

To recognize our special donors, our Giving Society includes the following giving levels:

$25,000+ Home Health Visionaries
$10,000+ Health Champions
$5,000+ Clinical Care Advocates
$2,500+ Community Benefactors
$1,000+ Caregiver Supporters
$500+ Resource Leaders
$250+ Caring Patrons
$0-$249 Wellness Friends

No gift is too small.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation.
Email our development department at [email protected] with any questions.